Steve Collicelli
For All of Medford


For All of Medford

I’m running for Medford City Council because we can do better for our businesses, our people, and for our future. And I want to help.

I live and work in Medford, and am inspired by its combination of urban amenities, storied history, and natural beauty. I believe the best way for Medford to move forward into the future will be to thoughtfully manage these resources and negotiate the balance between them.

I have first-hand experience helping to launch and run a multi-faceted restaurant company that operates right out of Medford Square. I know on a very personal level how red tape, delays, outdated codes that haven’t kept pace with a changing economy can create a less-than-welcoming environment for businesses.  Our City Council can play a huge role in welcoming new, socially-responsible businesses committed to growing our local community, even if by doing nothing other than simply helping guide entrepreneurs through the city’s regulations. If I am able to serve you as a City Councillor, I’ll bring my business experience to the table and speak up for both local small business owners and those that want to start their small businesses here in Medford.

In my time living here as a Medford resident, I’ve had the pleasure of working in various roles and capacities with a wide range of local community groups. It has been extremely energizing to meet and work with some really amazing individuals who are each doing their part to help build up Medford— whether that is through growing new community gardens or activating underutilized spaces like the Condon Shell. I’m inspired by what has been taking place here so far, and I’m excited by the opportunities that lie ahead of us. As a City Councillor, I’ll be able to leverage my personal experience, interactions, and relationships to ensure that the people’s wants and needs are continuously being considered.

There are no easy solutions to the issues facing Medford, but an engaged citizenry is the best way— maybe the only way— we can move our city forward towards a brighter future for each and every resident. I wasn't born here in Medford; I chose this great city to lay down my roots.  And, I want nothing more than to help create a bright future for Medford.

I rent. I ride the bus. I work in Medford Square. Let’s work together to make Medford work better for everyone.

I look forward to earning your vote on November 5th, 2019.


➤ About me:

I've lived across a fair cross-section of this amazing country, but Medford is my chosen home.

  • born in Connecticut's Brass Belt to two schoolteacher parents

  • attended college in upstate New York

  • worked for a brewery in Oregon

  • went to graduate school in Los Angeles

  • worked for a nonprofit creating jobs for people with disabilities in Utah

  • putting down roots in Medford

➤ Community engagement:

I look to get involved in my community in a variety of ways; some of my past experiences include partnering with:

  • PAWS4Medford to raise money for a dog park

  • Medford Community Gardens to build the garden at Tufts Park

  • the Arts Collaborative of Medford to raise money for an Art Center

  • the Medford Youth Center organizing the ChickenRun Costume 5K to raise money as well as providing food for the MYC / Malden YMCA "summer kickoff”

  • the Mayor’s Office to launch ChickenStock, a free / “pay it forward” music and eating festival at the Condon Shell that raised funds for the Women’s Lunch Place shelter

➤ additional interests:

I was raised by two amazing public school teachers who created a small, afterschool club—The Human Relations Club— that is dedicated to developing student leaders to fight discrimination and prejuidice in all its forms. They grew this club into a nationally recognized organization that today has clubs in multiple school districts. Together, they instilled within me an abiding belief in the value of diversity.

Policy Areas of Interest

growth as opportunity

Medford is a fantastic place to live and work. It's why folks from all over Greater Boston and beyond want to move here. We are home to a prestigious university that's expanding and will soon see a second subway line with the GLX.

Given all this change and opportunity, we need to encourage a healthy mix of new businesses to come in and invest in Medford, and at the same time we need to help those businesses that are already here thrive and expand. I am particularly excited about the potential for supporting additional small businesses— retail, restaurants, entertainment, etc.— that make living and working in Medford so enjoyable.  

While the changes on our horizon are exciting and important, we need to make sure we preserve what makes Medford special— our historic buildings and natural beauty— while ensuring that development proceeds in ways that benefit more than just a select monied few.

inclusive decision-making

Medford is home to a rainbow tapestry of different cultures, ethnicities, and people from all walks of life. We have Tufts students, young professionals, families that have immigrated here from around the world, and residents who have raised their families here for generations.

But, this diversity is not really reflected in City Hall.

I believe we can bring more people to the table and accomplish much more simply by starting with better communication and outreach.

We need to hear from our neighbors that don't normally speak up, empower their voices, and truly listen to what they bring to our collective discussion.


The housing crisis is real, and is only going to get worse. As a long-time renter hoping to one day purchase a home, and hoping to stay in Medford, I feel this pain point acutely. Increasing the housing stock throughout the metro-Boston area is the only way we are going to tamp down the accelerating cost of living here.

Medford is far from its peak population. Almost 10,000 more people called Medford home just after World War II than today. Since buildable space in Medford is finite, it is in every Medford resident’s interest to see City Hall negotiate harder for more affordable units, architectural designs that actually fit neighborhoods, and developers who are willing to look beyond just the bottom line.

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I live in Medford. I work in Medford. I commute within Medford and I am looking to buy a home in Medford. I am invested in the future of our city and will work hard to get us all there.